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In 1961, ITW Vortec became the first company to develop technology for converting the vortex tube phenomenon into practical, effective cooling solutions. Since then, Vortec has continued to refine and expand vortex tube applications as well as develop other ways to use compressed air efficiently.ITW Vortec products - for spot and enclosure cooling, airflow amplification, blowoff and conveying - increase equipment efficiency, improve manufacturing methods and eliminate more costly methods for cooling and increasing airflow. All Vortec products are designed to enhance your operation’s productivity.
In our European Headquarters in The Netherlands we stock our products for quick delivery; all with BSP thread connections and, where applicable, with 230V thermostats and solenoid valves.

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Vortex tube phenomene

The vortex tube was discovered in 1930 by French physicist Georges Ranque. Vortec was the first company to develop this phenomenon into practical, effective cooling solutions for industrial applications. Here’s how it works.
Fluid that rotates about an axis — like a tornado — is called a vortex. A vortex tube creates a vortex from compressed air and separates it into two air streams — one hot and one cold.Compressed air enters a cylindrical generator which is proportionately larger than the hot (long) tube where it causes the air to rotate. Then, the rotating air is forced down the inner walls of the hot tube at speeds reaching 1,000,000 rpm.
At the end of the hot tube, a small portion of this air exits through a needle valve as hot air exhaust. The remaining air is forced back through the center of the incoming air stream at a slower speed. The heat in the slower moving air is transferred to the faster moving incoming air. This super-cooled air flows rough the center of the generator and exits through the cold air exhaust port.